"One of the most interesting concerts of this years Vitoria Jazz Festival. The saxophonist, Seamus Blake, in one of the best moments of his career, deeply influenced the Norwegians with his habitual energy. He lit the wick of a concert that went from less to more, from the monochrome stillness of a naturalistic landscape to the explosion of pigments and the expressiveness of an abstract painting."

Naiz / naiz.eus (BRIDGES with Seamus Blake LIVE at the Vitoria Jazz Festival, Vitoria, Spain 20/7-2018) 


BRIDGES is a modern, Norwegian jazz project with a clear vision; a vision to create unique jazz music by constructing new “bridges” between Norway and other parts of the world. The construction of these musical bridges will link different worlds of music together and give the opportunity to explore differences/similarities, and ultimately lead to the creation of a new and unique musical expression. The band consists of master-saxophonist Seamus Blake (John Scofield, Antonio Sanchez, Mingus Big Band, winner of Thelonius Monk Prize), and four Scandinavian jazz artists of the highest pedigree: highly-acclaimed trumpeter Hayden Powell and award-winnning Espen Berg on piano from Norway, the incredible bass player Jesper Bodilsen from Denmark (Enrico Rava, Stefano Bollani) who has taken over the reigns after Ole Morten Vågan, and last but not least Anders Thorén from Sweden on drums, who is also the leader of the group. He has a diploma from LAMA (now LA College of Music) in Los Angeles and has studied under masters such as Peter Erskine, Marcus Gilmore, Dave Weckl, Ricky Lawson and Joe Porcaro and has performed live and recorded with many grammy-winning artists from the Nordic countries over the last few years.

After releasing the debut album BRIDGES with Seamus Blake in January 2017, the band has received many great reviews from around the world and after completing a succesfull European tour this fall, BRIDGES is already in the planning phases of more tours and concerts.


"It is always a special thing to witness a band in which the synergy between the musicians catapults the music off the paper and into a constantly expanding bubble of energy. An outstanding example of how jazz can so beautifully act as a vehicle for improvisation and exploration, Bridges represented the epitome of what can be achieved between outstanding, open minded musicians at the very top of their game."

- London Jazz News (BRIDGES with Seamus Blake LIVE at The Vortex, London 9/11-2017)



“A refined set with a graceful polyphonic warmth throughout - The Guardian” (UK)

“Great playing all around in a warm and varied set - London Jazz News” (UK)

4/5 Stars in Jazz Journal (UK)

4/5 Stars in JazzWise (UK)

4/5 Stars in UK Vibe (UK)

“BRIDGES is pretty, mostly cool, and quite concerned with projecting sensitivity” - DownBeat (US)

“One of the more impressive albums I’ve heard in a long time, and highly recommended. - Peter Erskine (US)

"High-class “bridge building”. A very potent album!" - Terje Mosnes / Jazznytt (NO)

"A wonderfully modern album with roots in the tradition" - Frederik Wandrup / Dagbladet (NO)

"A successful album, Seamus Blake brings his burning saxophone" - Per A. Riisnes / DN (NO)